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The Dresden Files

Harry Dresden Discussion Community
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A community for fans of the Harry Dresden novels by Jim Butcher.

Any posts about the books or author in general or particular are welcome, as are drabbles, icons, talk about the Dresden Files RPG, and anything of the kind including birthday wishes to members and all that stuff. :)

The usual "no flaming, behave, etc" rules apply for interacting with others in the community. If there's an issue related to community interactions or a post you believe is inappropriate, please contact me immediately to let me know.

Good reading online

Restoration of Faith :: A Harry Dresden short story by Jim Butcher (pre-series, hosted at his site)
Other HD Short Stories Available by Jim Butcher (also hosted at the author's site, some available via purchase only)

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Other Links

Jim Butcher website
The Dresden Files RPG :: In development, by Evil Hat Productions
Butcher Block :: A podcast about the author and his books